“A farmer commits suicide every single other working day in France”, launches Philippe Vayssac, in cost of innovation in Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne . Funny way to start off a pitch. Yet it is with this alarming determine that Philippe Vayssac made a decision to present his resolution exo.professional, which is composed of making use of the accuracy available by drones to greater examine the climatic losses experienced by farmers. “The significantly less dependable the assessment of climatic promises on crops, the greater the price tag of promises, the greater the rate of insurance plan rates, the less farmers profession “, clarifies Philippe Vayssac. The economic precariousness that has an effect on farmers is one issue in their amplified distress.

exo.professional: how does it function?

The resolution is marketed to the professionals so that just after a climatic catastrophe, the drone can fly around the space involved (these as a cornfield) in buy to examine the extent of the destruction with greater dependability. The gadget will allow to program the flight program of the drone which, for 6 minutes, will move autonomously and get a battery of photographs. When the drone has returned to the ground, the professional utilizes the application on the pill to merge the photographs taken throughout the flight in buy to reconstitute in just a handful of minutes the specific map of the zone in the recent condition and without having needing an net connection. “Pay the correct rate of climatic losses on crops, will allow to reduce contributions and maximize the variety of insured”, Philippe Vayssac.

The selection of structure thinking

To establish this stand-by yourself drone resolution, Groupama referred to as on the Grenoble start off-up Squadrone Technique, notably at the origin of Hexo +, and the Chinese huge DJI specialised in the manufacture of drones . Considering the fact that its introduction in April 2017, 21 independent professionals have been educated in the resolution (which, for regulatory good reasons, calls for a pilotage license).

“The exo.professional supply has been made by making use of the solutions and principles of structure thinking and implementation”, specifies the innovation leader. In mixture, Groupama teams spent several months in the industry to understand the needs of farmers in buy to establish an ad hoc resolution. The aim is to deploy it all over France and internationally. Different exchanges with farmers produced it probable to identify other needs. The latter wish to use the resolution even ahead of the incidence of a climatic celebration in buy to have a far more precise know-how of their crops in buy to improve their exploitation.

Demonstration of Groupama&#39s exo.professional resolution, video clip

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