1. Nissan just made a drone with a top speed of 115 miles per hour and reaches 62 miles per hour in only 1.3 seconds! :O It's not a consumer drone though. So this is still the world's fastest production drone unless there are some faster ones that I don't know of. I really wonder how Nissan made their drone so fast and if a comparable drone can be made by some company and sold as a production drone.

  2. FPV video feed is a must see. All of your uploads are of LOS flying. What gives? Pop a MSD into your Fatsharks and take some footage por favor.

  3. Does anyone know any specifics around the Open APIs?

    3DR/DroneKit already has a fairly robust set of APIs and a ton of work is being done there. Is the teal developing it's own set of APIs?

    I'm concerned that this will become like the bad joke people talk about with computer standards… 'Everyone has one'.
    It's nice that companies want to put out APIs for community development but we don't nec need more APIs we needs "unified APIs" so that developers have a consistent way to talk to devices.

    – Just my 2 cents.

  4. Most won't be able to afford. Unless Obama steps in and starts up the Affordable Drone Act. If he does it will allow millennials to stay at home a play with their drones until age 26 with no cost to them.

  5. Hmm, modular, open API – this thing has a lot of potential. I suspect the first Phantom was met with a lot of criticism as well. Hope this company runs the course and has a success, the price actually isn't bad for a good quality MR. If you want a toy buy a <$40 toy quad.

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