The PowerEgg consumer drone from PowerVision boasts a sleek, unique egg-shaped exterior and is packed with advanced technologies including a 360-degree panoramic 4K camera on a 3-axis gimbal, real-time HD video transmission up to 3000m, and advanced “optical flow” sensors for indoor navigation.

Built for easy portability, the drone is a unique blank canvas for designers and artists to express their creativity.


  1. I'll get one but need to know reliability and support.
    Great looking product and I hope you guys will be a successful 🙂

  2. The PowerEgg design is unique and concept is fantastic and looks like a lot of fun while also being completely practical and professional.

  3. At least the rig which shot the aerial footage with the egg in picture is doing some solid work. Was there any on-board footage of the egg itself? It seem as if the scenes with the "recording symbol" in the corner have been of noticeable lower clarity. Please dont tell me that this has been the egg's cam 🙁 Otherwise great design! I hope we really will see the egg on shelf some day!

  4. Sie haben mir auf Facebook geantwortet und geschrieben, das die Poweregg im Q3 kommt. Ich kann nur hoffen, das sie Anfang August spätestens im Handel ist damit ich sie für meine Reise nutzen kann, wenn nicht dann muss ich leider eine andere kaufen, denn ich trete die Reise garantiert mit einer Drohne an. Natürlich hätte ich gerne gewusst was sie kostet und genaue Flug Modus Einstellungen möglich sind, denn Design ist nicht alles. Liebe Grüsse, Dietmar

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