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MIUI is one of the most popular Android ROMs in the world. It is based on Android, featuring a rich user experience and user customizable themes. MIUI is updated every Friday based on feedback from its users.
Now with over 150 million users and 35 MIUI fan sites worldwide, MIUI is the choice of many Android users globally.


  1. Muito lindo o drone , o pessoal aqui no Brasil está doido para compra ele . Cadê os bom preços para o Brasil? Vamos compra pela banggod, gearbest ou tomtop. Dêem mais atenção pro mercado brasileiro obrigado

  2. Hi..
    How to downgrade or restart firmware wifi..
    I'm using 1080p but I'm update for 4k wifi..
    Now I can't use my drone cause USB thetering remote can't detection by my phone..
    I already try to another phone but cannot too…
    Please help me

  3. I hope they have a kit with FPV with 3axis head traking, I don't care about recording, I care About experience.
    Even if it could be only a dream a stereo camera with 1080P per eye, I would buy that eyes closed!!!!!

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