Since watching a short news clip on the new, exciting and stupidly expensive hobby of drone racing last year, I had been practicing the ancient Buddhist art of Phalī’asa in order to magically attract enough money to buy the kit I needed to get started. A few weeks ago I learned that Phalī’asa actually means “fleas”, which explains why I had no more money but felt considerably more itchy.

Despite this setback I was not deterred, as the prospect of wearing awesome goggles and flying through shiny race gates was just too appealing to pass up.

I researched the hobby, decided on the cheapest way to get going and sustain my interest for the next year, ordered the kit I needed from the cheapest place I could find (spoiler alert: China), and then set about creating a cool FPV racer name and the appropriate social media outlets in order to document the entire learning experience.

This blog and the accompanying YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Instagram posts, book, movie and clothing line, will detail my attempts to go from a completely clueless noob to a quad racing god.

It won’t be easy. I don’t, and won’t – unless I sell a kidney – have the best kit. I don’t, and won’t, have endless amounts of free time to practice. I fully realise that there’s an almost infinite amount of technical stuff to learn, and I only have a certain amount of space in my brain, much of which is busy keeping track of The Walking Dead. In short, I don’t have any more resources than the average person – probably less in a majority of cases.

My next post will go into the kit I ordered, why I’m still waiting for it to arrive (spoiler alert: China), and how I plan to minimise the expense incurred from crashing, repairing and upgrading.

All comments are welcome, except negative ones of course.

Thanks for listening.

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