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My DREAM DRONE is here! The DJI Inspire 1 V2.0. In this video I fly it for the first time, go over what I love so far and even compare it to the Mavic Pro. I think the 4k footage is AMAZING! This Drone is DEFINITELY worth it!!!

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  1. So about a week ago I got this same setup minus the extra controller for 600 new from my local Sam's Club. I saw the price and couldn't pass it up. Hopefully I made a good decision. Haven't flown it yet though.

  2. Hei Nice video. I order Inspire 1 today. I fly Phantom 4. Before I had Mavic Pro and Yuneec and Phantom 2. I always want Inspire 1. 6 cell and good camera. I was not happy enough with Mavic Pro. In little wind it was problem. My Phantom 4 is fantastic. I also order Dji Spark 24 Mai so I soon get that to. Then I have 3 drone. Maby sell Phantom 4 and sit with Inspire 1 and Spark. I like your video and what you talk about.

  3. Quick way to determine shutter speed, it should be double the FPS you are shooting. So, 4k at 30 FPS, shutter speed of 60. Without the ND filter, you won't be able to set the shutter this low without everything looking overexposed during bright scenes.
    The Inspire comes with a ND-4 filter, but to shoot in midday you usually end up needing an ND-8 or even an ND-16. Polar Pro filters are what I used, but be aware they are thicker and heavier than the stock filters, so when attached to the camera you can't fit it in the box DJI sends for the camera. Kind of a pain. Also, you can see with the stock filters when the Inspire is off the camera is balanced, with a Polar Pro filter the camera is very front heavy. Not sure how much additional strain it puts on the stock gimbal motors, but I have noticed at higher speeds and with the wind blowing my footage sometimes can be a bit jello-y, maybe this is due to the heavier filter.

    All in all, great drone, great review. Enjoy your Inspire.

  4. cool video, so glad to see people still love it, I've had my inspire 1 v2 since January 2016. I have to say tho 6:34 they didn't give you the V2 upgraded prop locks! It might be a few dollars to purchase and add to it! They deff help me feel confident when I'm 3 miles in open water, to know know that None of the props will spin off! haha Have fun with it!!!! Keep posting vids!!

  5. Wow, what an impressive piece of technology.

    Sadly, I live in Canada where the politicians just made it illegal to fly quadcopters.
    Yep, all this technology is pretty much a waste since you're not allowed to put it into the air. If you're caught, its a $3000 fine.

    I guess quadcopters are still legal to fly in the USA, but be careful that the American politicians don't adopt the same policy we have here now in Canada.

    Kinda a ripoff to spend that much money only to discover you're not allowed to fly them anymore. (geeze!)

  6. Turning your drone on first will result in it going into failsafe rth mode. Its going to think it lost signal and take off to rth set height. Always turn the remote on FIRST!!

  7. 10 minute flight times? That's a huge hindrance!! You had better plan your shots very well before getting airborne.

  8. Nice video. I'd love to upgrade to a new DJi product. Loving my Phantom though. I'd appreciate if anyone checked out my channel and any subs il gladly return the subscription. Drone people together ha

  9. why did you buy the inspire 1?
    the mavic is allot smaller and less heavyer and both camera's are 4k..
    and the mavic has allot more flight functions

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