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  1. did he say a price? I went back n forth n couldn't find it. looks like the phantoms if it's like 400 I'd buy it

  2. This is a GREAT DRONE. It doesn't have ALL the bells and whistles of the Phantom 4 but it still is a GREAT DRONE. 4K camera that takes amazing stills and vids. Range is 1.2 miles as long as you have clear line of sight with control ler and drone. It does have Follow Me mode (not active track). It more or less is just following whereever the controller is going. Top speed is about 33mph. Battery life is about 25minutes fully charged. And take about 45 minutes to fully charge. Xtra batteries cost about $100. Drone shell is VERY DURABLE. Does work well with Android. I use a 10inch Samsung Tablet and works great. Of course like phones is hard to see screen in bright sunlight so recommend a visor. And last but not least, the color ORANGE is great because it enables you to be able to still see it a mile away. Try spotting something that Far away if it were WHITE! So overall a GREAT DRONE! Oh, almost forgot, Autel Costumer Support is Superior. Call anytime during business hours and they answer your call within minutes and have lots of patience for all those dumbass questions. Give Autel Xstar Premium a try. Go ahead. You just might like it!

  3. LOL, why are people hitting Thumbs down for this informative video. You guys need to watch some of Drone Worships reviews then.

  4. hey really this is not the drone for beginners…Beginners will fly the drone but they would not know how to fly or controll the drone so the drone will be falling down.. so this drone u shown on the video is not good for beginners when they fly the drone it will fall down and break so the best drone for beginners can be anything but the body of the drone should be made up of gyro or plastic…while flying the drone for beginners when the drone fall no problem cause the gyro or plastic is the body of drone….first learn how to fly drone made up of
    gyro or plastic then go to fly this type of drone….✌✌✌

  5. COPYCAT, its a DJI Phantom Replica with some minor changes. Come on, people. You even can get a Refurbished Phantom 3 Standard for 399.

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