RAQQA, SYRIA — Islamic State has reportedly increased the use of drones to attack U.S. troops located in Raqqa, Syria, promoting the Pentagon to consider adding anti-drone equipment to the troops based there.

It has been reported by Defense One that ISIS fighters have turned recreational drones into weapons by attaching artillery shells to them and using improvised switches to release the shells.

According to the Washington Post, U.S. troops usually fight alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces. ISIS reportedly waits for the SDF to send up a drone before launching their own explosives-laden ones, in order to disguise it as a friendly drone. These drones are said to be able to release small 40 mm grenade-sized munitions with a relatively high degree of accuracy.

The Pentagon did not disclose what type of anti-drone equipment that might be used for troops in Syria if they do decide to increase defense in this regard. U.S. troops are already equipped with Anti-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Device, or known as AUDS in Mosul, Iraq.

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