JERUSALEM — Israel shot down a pilotless aircraft that tried to enter its airspace at its Golan Heights frontier with Syria on Tuesday, the Israeli military said.

Israeli media said a Patriot interceptor missile was used in the incident.

(Writing by Dan Williams; Editing by Jeffrey Heller)


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Iran shows off one of its drones

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The military said that this was not the first time Hezbollah uses intelligence-gathering drones against Israel, but added that this time the drone was unusually close to the Israeli border.
The drone was downed over the border Syrian town of Quneitra.

“Israel will not allow Iran, Hezbollah or other forces to infiltrate or get near its territory in the Golan Heights,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unite said in a statement.


Earlier this month, foreign media reports claimed that Israeli warplanes struck a chemical arms plant in Syria from Lebanese airspace. The Syrian army general command confirmed in a statement the attack on what they called a military facility, and said that two people were killed and extensive damage was caused. Israel refused to comment on the reports.

Last year, the Israeli military unsucessfully tried to intercept an unmanned aerial vehicle that breached its airspace. The drone entered 4 kilometers deep into Israeli territory before returning to Syria. The Israel Defense Forces tried to shoot down the drone three times – first with two Patriot missiles, and then with a fighter jet, which fired an air-to- air missile at it. But as far as the army can tell, the drone escaped unscathed.

In March, the Air Force said an Arrow missile intercepted an air-to-air missile that was fired at Israeli jets.


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