By the conclude of 2017, each individual commander of the Infantry, Border Defense and Corps of Israeli Army Overcome Intelligence will have entry to a drone geared up with a digicam, At his disposal, info which was previously only available to distinctive forces and superior-ranking officers.

“It is a capacity that will be truly useful to them,” reported Captain Nadav Peretz, head of the UAV Division of Overcome Intelligence Corps, Times of Israel past 7 days.

“This is some thing that a couple several years in the past, no one believed it could exist,” he additional.

Four battalions out of 5 of the combat intelligence corps have presently obtained a additional powerful and heavier version, identified as the “Matrix”. And in August, a straightforward and unfolding drone, identified as “Mavic”, will be sent.

The Mavic will be utilized by the battalion of intelligence of the remaining battles, the 5 infantry brigades of the military – Givati, Nahal, parachutists, Kfir and Golani – as nicely as the newly made border defense corps Contains blended battalions – Caracal, Lions of Jordan, Bardelas and Lavi of the Valley.

 A soldier from the Army Fighting Intelligence Unit inspects a new drone bought by the military for the Compagny commanders. (Credit: Screenshot / Israeli Army Spokesperson Unit)

A soldier from the Army Overcome Intelligence Device inspects a new drone purchased by the army for the commanders of the military. (Credit: Screenshot / Israeli Army Spokesperson Device)

Drones are not of army high-quality. In simple fact, for about $ 1,000 you can also be the happy operator of the same sort of drone that an Israeli military combat device will use.

The military buys the drones of DJI, a Chinese company. The Mavics are to be sent to the military by August and will be in the fingers of officers a few to 4 months later on following a period of time of schooling, Peretz reported.

Drones have constrained battery electrical power, can not fly in turbulent temperature conditions and do not have evening eyesight abilities, so they will only be utilized in daytime missions, additional Peretz .

The link in between the drone and the controller is not thoroughly encrypted, so that they can only be utilized in unclassified missions,

But though they are not at the forefront of technologies, these economical drones give small-level commanders in the military ranks entry to vast quantities of info, which was formerly unimaginable, Is delighted Peretz.

“[Les commandants de compagnie] do not see drones as a toy, they see it as some thing critical,” Peretz pointed out about officers who were section of a schooling application to pilot this drone technique.

Acquire, for instance, a recurring occasion in the West Lender: violent demonstrations.

There are generally only a couple dozen Palestinian young adults who burn up tires and throw stones at the troops, but these incidents can also turn into some thing bigger.

At current, a company commander has only his binoculars and area reviews to work out how the protesters are distributed, how lots of there are, and whether other demonstrators are arriving.


Of study course, the army presently owns a fleet of drones, significant and small. The Overcome Intelligence Corps also deploys significant balloons geared up with cameras and other sensors.

But these styles of plane are generally not made available to commanders in the area, owing to their relatively small quantity and the bureaucratic actions desired to entry them. In lots of instances this indicates that only distinctive forces use drones or that infantry and border defense units have to wait around for several hours, Peretz reported.

But by the conclude of the calendar year, any company commander “will no for a longer time count on logistics” and will be able to see all the required area of motion “in a couple minutes,” reported the captain.

A commander of the Overcome Intelligence Device when compared the switch to the use of the binoculars in the drone to that of a switch to the use of a straightforward phone to a smartphone.

The company commander will not use the drone by itself, but will have a staff of a few troopers who will be trained to function the drone&#39s command platform.

A soldier will use a controller and a pill to fly the drone, while an additional will act as an observer to ensure that it does not enter an area in which it could be blocked or killed. The 3rd soldier functions in assistance, Peretz reported.

The Mavic product will be utilized by the infantry and border defense units, as nicely as the Overcome Intelligence Corps 414th Battalion. It weighs about seven-hundred grams and bends to in shape into a pocket that can be tied on the leg of a soldier.

It has a battery which provides it a autonomy of flight of 20 minutes, but each individual drone will be sent with several batteries, which will allow him to have several several hours of autonomy in the air.

The Matrix, which will be utilized by the relaxation of struggle info battalions, is larger sized. It weighs about two.four kilograms but can even be transported easily by a soldier. Its heavier fat allows it to fly in undesirable temperature, and a larger sized battery allows it to keep in the air two times as extended as the Mavic. It also will come with extra batteries to raise its flight time, Peretz reported.

 A nano-drone, Zano (Credit: Permission)

Drones have been available commercially for several years: “You can buy a single at a service station,” famous Peretz, but the cameras on the 1st affordable versions were not at the level needed by the army .

Now the cost and high-quality are “well balanced,” which led to the choice to buy the drones on the industry for company commanders, Peretz spelled out.

The Israeli military, on the other hand, will pay out a higher cost than the ordinary purchaser. The cost will increase in the “tens of 1000’s of shekels”, Peretz reported, because he buys not only the drone by itself, but also the shelves to control them, spare sections, resources for servicing and Other DJI services, he additional.

In buy not to disclose the quantity of corporations in the Israeli military that will use drones, Peretz refused to specify how lots of drones the military would buy, but declared that it was by hundreds, which value for this Drone job of thousands and thousands of shekels.

Nonetheless, this is only an interim measure. The military is performing with numerous defense contractors to develop a drone identified as “Tzur”, specifically personalized to the requires of the Israeli military, Peretz reported, Is still at its preliminary phase, with no definite deadline.

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