The coming months will see the completion of one of the most efficient and deadly weapons developed in Israel in the last few years – the K1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The UAV, whose simulation video was first seen on Ynet, is about the size and weight of a bird of prey, and is named for its lethal nature – Kamikaze-Killer.

It was developed and produced by Israeli workers and engineers at one of the most advanced and largest assembly lines for small and medium UAVs in the world, at the Aeronautics Defense Systems company in Yavne. It is unclear whether the IDF will purchase it.
Israel’s new kamikaze drone.
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  1. When the long Arab-Israeli cold war is over, all those engineers will be extremely useful in the post-oil-regime Middle East economy.

  2. Dear Israel and our so called Jewish friends
    Thank you for supplying azerbaijan with anti tank missiles 1 week before the April 2016 war, over 70 deaths were attributed to your timely delivery of the ant tank missiles
    Thank you for supplying these suicide drones to azerbaijan and assisted them by having Israeli technicians attack Armenian positions..
    Please dont be little girls and scream anti semitisim and terrorism when by some chance some of your enemies end up with advanced Russian arms supplied and Sold to them by Armenians, after all its ONLY BUSINESS and its the Purchasers duty to use it against whomever they want with care

  3. Isn't it supposed to be spelled as "lethal" and not "leathal"? Anyway, it's a very minor issue when you look at the simple genius of it's design 🙂

  4. hahaha i can operated the kamikaze drone , hai maneger develop kamikaze drone.the kamikaze drone can the operated mobile system ,…..he he he

  5. It's going to be awesome on that day, Russia, and others come down against Israel to watch her hand them their ass's. They are so sure they will take her, but they couldn't be more wrong.

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