Good Afternoon Ted and Jody:

Smoke from forest and wild fires have returned. While there is no cloud cover, I was unable to see Mt. St. Helens this morning. Along with the smoke there been a slight temperature increase. My thermometer said 101 degrees F yesterday at 5:00 P.M. and the TV station said 99; so, I suspect it was above 90! The ubiquitous “they” say it will be just as hot if not hotter today. No one mentioned humidify but sweating was the order of the day outside yesterday unless one was direly in the sun, then baking and burning was the order of the day. I half expected to see “crispy critters” and “crispy people” as we drove home from lunch. Both yesterday morning and this morning were cool. I wore a sweat shirt to water this morning and to take early photos yesterday. Indeed, it was still cool at 9 when I went out and clipped a few (OK 50 or so) peppermint stems to hang to dry in the garage.  It did get a bit warmer today–could have fried an egg on asphalt.

I did fly the drone again yesterday evening. I am learning. I am still on beginner mode so am limited to 100 feet. I need a lot more hours before I will go what ever comes after beginner (I think it is called ‘foolhardy’ mode). At 100 feet, I can not get enough of the sky in for a good sunrise or sunset panorama. I do hope that when I go higher (in a few months or years) it will give me more of the sky. I also suspect, with height, I will not notice the limitations on images posed by the camera in the drone. DJI_0012 email.jpgI still wish had hand consulted Samsung for a camera for the Phantom 4 PRO. Regardless, I am still learning a lot every time I fly it. Old, used dogs can learn new tricks, it just takes us a bit longer than “new,” unused dogs.

I spent the day getting the pieces together to publish Democratize Money on Kindle (Amazon). This required setting up an account, financial, and other information (where exactly are my tattoos) as well as the text and the cover. It should be up and ready for readers in 72 hours from now (Thursday, August 31, 2017, by 5:00 P.M.) I went with the pricing that the program suggested $3.49. Nancy confirmed that I should go with their pricing suggestion. (They know what they are talking about, she said,) I, on the other hand, want readers. But, I acquiesced in the pricing decision. So when the book is up and ready to buy, I will start asking people to spread the word. Now that I have published one, I guess I should edit Amanda 7 and try for 2 (or should I do the four books in the Amanda Saga –The ATI Chronicles–at one go?

Publishing today meant I did not have time to write today (that and taking Nancy in for a massage) so the episode due today will appear tomorrow after I have an eye exam (sorry).

Warmest regards, Ed

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