This folding novelty micro FPV drone is shaped like an egg. Planned to be available in several versions, with and without camera, and with and without controller. Coming soon to all vendors courtesy of Kaideng Toys Facebook

– Novelty shape, like an egg.
– Foldable quadcopter. All arms easily pop open simultaneously with the press of a button.
– Altitude hold, one key return, and headless mode.
– Can be controlled either via a traditional controller or its Kaideng app available on Google Play here iTunes here
– Good LVC warning of approximately 45 seconds. Auto lands on low battery.

– Low resolution 0.3MP video for WiFi camera version.
– Internal battery. Can’t replace it out in the field.

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  1. It's a little too eggy for me, but a clever little invention. Just don't accidentally drop this near a chicken coup, you may never find it again!

  2. Why is the flip such a big deal with quadcopters? Companies will advertise quadcopters as "stunt drones" because they can do one trick (or they'll count it as two or three, depending on the orientation). It just doesn't seem that impressive.

  3. That's pretty funky looking, looks like it would blend in on some futuristic war games table and if you were losing, you could play the bad loser card fly over and bash into your opponents figures LOL!

  4. Nano nano, Nice Shirt! Oh, and I wanted to share some good news with you. "Ongher Droning Out" featuring an animated version of you, will be showing at the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival! … And I thought drones aren't allowed to be flown in airports 😉 Here's a link to "Ongher Droning Out"

  5. Sir I've a question. I'm looking for a drone under 50$ which learns me to fly. I've been watching your videos about cheap quadcopters, but I wasn't able to conclude which one was the best choice. In your opinion, what's the best drone under 50$ at this moment?

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