The struggles of Drone pilots in wartime, serving their country on the ground, sitting at their computers.

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  1. WAAAAHHHHHH let's all hear your shit about how many enemy lives are lost due to drones – instead of how many of ours are saved, you "we are the world" commy fuck – or the amount of flight training training needed because your infantry ass rubbed elbows with the people that do this shit umpteen years ago. Take your politically correct ass somewhere else.

    Nick Kroll for life.
    Bring back another season.

  2. Love the part where he says "These drones aren't gonna fly themselves" then he's like "wait, what if they COULD fly themselves??" O.O

  3. Whats not as funny are all of the people killed by drone attacks each month who don't happen to be terrorists. But then again, theses people are not Jews or American solders so who gives a shit, right?!

  4. I know its all in the name of comedy, but I see some people thinking this is remotely accurate. An Air Force RPA still has to go through flight school with the CSOs and Pilots (being qualified to go there in the first place of course), which yes, means flying in an actual cockpit. The test score requisites are highly competitive and the technical know-how is remarkable.

  5. Drone pilots still have a daunting responsibility, and they are also often placed in situations in which they have to make the final decision to kill people. I doubt every drone pilot is a sociopath, so they don't have the most laid back job in the world.

  6. I have watched this show because of one funny sketch about "Rich Dicks" being very funny. I have to be honest & say I gave it a chance but find I never laugh nor think it's slightly funny. I am disappointed. I can write better skits. Really bland. Epic fail for me on this show. Just b/c one sketch is great is not enough

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