Since 2004, up to 884 innocent civilians, including at least 176 children, have died from US drone strikes in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. A new report from the Stanford and New York University law schools finds drone use has caused widespread post-tramatic stress disorder and an overall breakdown of functional society in North Waziristan. In addition, the report finds the use of a “double tap” procedure, in which a drone strikes once and strikes again not long after, has led to deaths of rescuers and medical professionals. Many interviewees told the researchers they didn’t know what America was before drones. Now what they know of America is drones, death and terror. Follow the conversation @WarCosts #UnderDrones


  1. OBAMA DRONE STRIKES. For fuck's sake. How are people so mad about Trump, but forget all the shit Obama did? Oh… I know. Because the MSM is destroying Trump. Because they are owned by the 1%.

  2. It would be nice if they would be used to deliver dep-pop poisons and put in chemicals to turn them into zombies and they start kill each other and knife their children like chickens.

  3. Hey Alan I got news for you, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! If your so ashamed and shit well, we have northern and southern neighbors that would like to have you as there bitch… 😉

  4. why does one of the Pakistani men have a gold watch if they live in the tribal regions of North-west Pakistan in which  "virtually no one can enter"

  5. This isn't a political issue. There is no honor in this type of warfare. Even some of the most barbaric armies who marched across the planet, respected their enemies dead. And that was in a conflict between two active combatants, this is just slaughter. I am ashamed to be an American because of things like this.

  6. I give up, I wish I could just stop paying taxes so that my money doesn't fund this shit. Here's an idea; just get all our military out of the Middle East and don't let anyone from there ever come to the United States again. Then we don't have to worry about terrorism and maybe they'll forgive us in 50-100 years?

  7. Evry mission the target is the terrorist,but its needs a casulties because some terrorist is hiding in civilian.or living with.and the terrorist not telling that they are members.

  8. Fact is that Pakistan dont even have slightly balls to even put a finger on a US drone. instead they go around and play victims. Coward pakistan army.

  9. When i hear about stuff like this on the news, I feel ashamed of our government. I'm even doing a presentation on how wrong it is to use drones. They are not the answer.

  10. Drones identify a target. If you see one and you are up to no good and their are innocents around then you must take the humanity of taking innocents to your war zone!

  11. I dont believe it….ppl who think pakistan or any other country shud suffer..they have no humanity left in them…and they shud be worried … for this means they r worst than animals…even animals dont behave like this…Americans dont even know wt their country is doing to other innocent ppl around the world…they want the wars to end too..but unfortunately they r mislead and misinformed..they think every Muslim is a terrorist..i have studied Islam…and i can say this by my research that Islam doesnt teach terrorism…its a peaceful religion…when hindus burns the living wife with a dead husband thats not terrorism??…and when the government sents these innocent young ppl who have no idea y r they going to other countries destroying their houses and killing themm…and they get killed without knowing the answer for that!!!the mothers have no idea y thier children died..saving their country or destroying some1 elses peace???….thats not terrorism?…American civilians r innocent and mislead ..and have no part in these attacks and want to stop them just as much!!!

  12. I personally like drones that keep terrorists and war crime away. I'm ok with drones just not in the united states.

  13. I think it's just as sad to hear of muslims going into mosques and killing other muslims by the suicide bombers. These people have taken more lives than the drones. Does it Glorify Allah to behave this way? The Holy Book says that Allah would bring great floods to drown out the bad guys, or locusts. I don't think that Allah needs the help.of mere man.

  14. This is the reason why "carpet bombing" is banned during war. "You cannot use a remotely controlled and/or detonated weapons that cannot verify specific military targets."

    These drone kills is a FUCKING WAR CRIME!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nope – "these people" just want the U.S. and its criminal attacks against them to stop. They have every right to fight back against the U.S. invaders.

  16. everything our government and media tell us are lies. youtube roland dumas Syria. he said 2 years before the Syria war started he was told by uk government they were planning on sending in a rebel invasion to take down assad. they are not fighting a war on terror, they are trying to take over the world country by country.

  17. Bad things happen in the world – I don't think we should be over there to start.. but we are. And it is a fact that there are real terrorists there that we are targeting. The people in the villages know who the terrorists are and if they want to live in a house next to people they know are terrorists or let their kids play in front of a house full of people making bombs and shit then bad shit might end up happening.

  18. Where is your proof of that? Why should we believe you Americans? You have such a great track record of telling the truth to the world? Fuck off..

  19. You ignorant Indian monkey, most Hindus live in East Pakistan you fucking retard. After 1971, it became Bangladesh! The population of Hindus in Pakistan hasn't declined, it's grown steadily like every other population in the country. You fucking Indians are demented ignorant little fucks…where is your fucking humanity when you throw Kashmiris into mass graves?

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