Soufiane Cherroud, 20, presides over the microdrone cub of the ISAE-SUPAERO. / Photo DDM, Michel Viala

                                Soufiane Cherroud, twenty, presides more than the ISAE-SUPAERO microdrone cubes. / Photograph DDM, Michel Viala.


The Mondial of the drones ends now in Toulouse with indoor competitions. 30 university groups are competing, such as the micro-drones club chaired by Soufiane Cherroud.

Soufiane Cherroud retains in his fingers the microdrone that will compete now in the framework of the competitions indoor of the Worldwide Micro Air Autos Convention & Flight Level of competition. This little gem of know-how weighs kg. It has 4 propellers and as several engines. It was developed by a group of fifteen individuals, which provides together learners and scientists from the ISAE-SUPAERO

Currently, these Toulousains will be confronted by about thirty university groups from all more than the environment. And considering the fact that they are the types who are internet hosting this year the Planet of Drones, unnecessary to say that they want to make a great perception.

Like all the individuals, they will be subjected to two functions in theaters: one genuine, the other digital. “For the genuine take a look at, our mirodrome will have to get off from a rotating or fastened platform, then detect home windows or a cylindrical pipe and go as a result of,” states Soufiane. Then it will have to detect a tree foliage and move as a result of then move in front of admirers and stabilize. Ultimately, it will have to detect a QR code and deposit a payload in a drop zone. “

The micro-drone has been pre-programmed “to the nearest centimeter” in get to carry out this set of duties autonomously. For this, it possesses in distinct “an embedded pc (odroid card) which has the programming of the mission. As effectively as a flight controller (pixhawk) that collects navigation info, “describes Soufiane.

Through these functions, the groups in level of competition will not be judged on their velocity of execution or their dexterity but instead on the autonomy of their drone.

President of the club

Soufiane Cherroud was elected president of the Microdrone club six months ago. This university student with a fantastic history – and who is not astonished – did all his schooling in Tangier, Morocco, in which he was always “the initial of the course”, before integrating SUPAERO Toulouse there are two several years.

As modest as clever, Soufiane has always been passionate about aeronautics. “I&#39ve always been intrigued by the things that fly. I desired to fully grasp the legislation guiding it. The edge of the drone is that it tends to make it possible to make the connection concerning aerodynamics, mechanics, pc science and programming which is the most sensitive section. “

Afterwards, Soufiane would see himself performing effectively in fluid mechanics, “I am interested in the subject of propulsion.”

But for now, we want him to gain the trophy that will reward the ideal university group.

Apps in the civil

The plan of ​​these competitions in the drones room is to take a look at new technological choices, such as the use of unconventional sensors (eg thermal cameras). These “life-dimensions” tests goal to pave the way for new apps for civilian drones. The IMAV 2017 is one of the functions labeled “European Science Open Forum (ESOF)”, which tends to make Toulouse the European capital of science in 2017-2018. Next year, Australia is anticipated to host this environment of drones.

“The most sensitive section in the layout of a drone is programming”

Soufiane Cherroud second year of engineer at SUPAERO Toulouse

The determine: 30

University teams> In level of competition The drones competitions are attended by 30 university groups, which provide together scientists and learners from all more than the environment (Germany, Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Singapore …)

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