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It would be really nice if drones all had a standard they followed on a button layout for their transmitters, if they don’t come labelled. We’ve flown hundreds of quadcopters on our channel, and are struggling quite a bit to figure the configuration out with this for photos and videos especially! Other than that, it’s a pretty great little quadcopter! We still think there might be better drones out there for your money though, so be sure to stay tuned and Subscribe so you don’t miss the good ones!

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  1. Hey RC Sailors + 1(Popeye) The direction are usually translated to English. Which is confusing enough even if you speak it. So it boils down to it's written as they understand(or don't) it. You've probably notice since you are into tech equipment too you kinda have your own translation of the translation after working with it. Keep up the great video. Ruff Ruff Popeye. Peace

  2. Very cool video guys! Love the puppy Popeye shots and the instant replay of Popeye catching the drone! 🙂 Always very informative!

  3. Thanks for all of the videos. You guys are awesome. Question please. Do you guys have any plans to review Graphene RC Batteries? I have been looking to get some, some time soon and I was hoping you guys could review them at some point in time. I have been looking at the Turnigy 1300 3S/4S Graphene and the Infinity 1300 3S/4S Graphene batteries. What do you like to fly on your quads? Thanks.

  4. I have 4 micro drones based on your recommendations, 2 e10 and 2 S9s. What is you recommendation for a FPV micro drone with better range and a wider camera?

  5. You need to select video/photo and hit start button and Headless mode needs to be reset on crash. I bought mine about 6months ago for 16 bucks so was not surprised that the camera was garbage but mine refuses to do flips. Good review keep up the good work. Cheers.

  6. Thank you for the video! Awhile back you had mentioned potentially filming in the garage. I was just curious as to what ever happened to that and why you stopped? Was feedback negative?
    Lastly, grats on getting over 119,000 subscribers! Almost to a 120,000!

  7. Hey guys. New fan here, gotta day I wish you were my neighbors, You are real people who try and fail just like myself. AWSOME , ACTUAL videos. No chops and editing. Only true performances.. Two thumbs up. Fan and watcher. Keep me hooked. Love RC NUT.

  8. POPEYE SCORES AWESOME MIDAIR TAKEDOWN! Oh man, hahahahaha, SO ENTERTAINING! Great video of one of the FASTEST YOUTUBE DOGGY out there! When the drone isn't the star of the show, then let it be our little Yorkie, that we all love! JP

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