Lee Stokoe is a bit of a legend in the drone / experimental / dark ambient arena, as well as being Culver he has also recorded under the names Indian Lady, Witchblood, Vampyres (and many others) as well as a stint in Skullflower. Mudguts sees him team up with Scott McKeating (of Black Leather Cop fame). Together they have already released material via Invisible City and Bells Hill but Granada Valley Flower Girl sees them team up with the ineffably brilliant Cruel Nature. I have long been a bit of a fanboy of Cruel Nature, their output is consistently fucking awesome.

This tape is made up of seven tracks, varying in length between a tad over 1 min and 12 mins plus. As one would expect with any recording that Stokoe is involved with, the emphasis is firmly on conjuring dark, umbrous atmospheres that lull and terrify the listener in equal measure. The spectral voices that inhabit Original Mistake Growing Arms And Legs are genuinely eerie, punctuated by piano chords while the static hum of the mighty drone in Constantly Slaughtering Something is like someone left the door to Hades wide open … it is darker than Trump’s soul and just never lets up…in short, a fucking joy. Elsewhere the pair divert us with some fuzzy industrial gnarliness (Bat) and hushed bucolic beauty (In Yourself). It is the epic closing track, Every Single Edge, that is the highlight – whirring tocsins combine with high pitched electrical screams to create an atmosphere that is thick with dread and foreboding. It is music of this quality that stirs the soul and captures the imagination.

Get yerselves over to the Cruel Nature site for a tape or a download .

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