If I had my way I would own every camera available to mankind, However my bank balance does not agree with my life goal! Recently I purchased a DJI Phantom 3 (standard) I did a lot of homework on drones and decided this was the most affordable option while not compromising drone quality, after all picture quality is imperative. So first off some basic boring information for you!

12 megapixel camera, 4k video shooting, auto hover, automatic flight assistant, safe flight limits.

(I don’t want to make this blog super heavy on the details, I would rather it be about how a novice like me can handle the drone)

Setting up the drone! Its actually pretty straight forward, What takes the most time is registering on the DJI app so allow some time for this. All in all I would say about 20 mins prep time on the first flight as long as it goes smoothly.

First flight be aware your hands will sweat and your heart will beat like crazy! Its windy out there even when you don’t feel the wind your drone will drift slightly so make sure you have plenty of open space to practice! Believe me you will need a lot of practice.

Take off and landing is as simple as pressing an icon on your phone, easy peasy! One big issue I have with the Phantom range is the size! The spark is much smaller and easier to travel with, so if your looking for a drone to throw in a backpack I recommend the DJI Spark. (I don’t recommend throwing the Spark! ever! it will break!!)

The controls aren’t super complicated however, It does take some getting used to and theres a lot to take in. Massive tip I would watch a few You Tube tutorials on how to access the extra features like follow me and points of interest I will put some links to a few I found useful.

There is a lot to think of while flying such as camera focus and light balance this can be quite awkward to deal with but gets easier with time all I can say is perseverance is key. For me flying a five hundred pound drone is extremely nerve-wracking! You can purchase insurance from DJI for about a hundred pound extra which does make it a little less scary.

The dangers of owning a drone, If I can give anyone some advice it would be never fly your drone inside! I came very close to turning my fingers into chopped sausages. This drone is not a toy, There aren’t any age restrictions on flying drones but there should be! Any parents looking to get there kids a DJI drone I would advise to get a smaller cheaper toy drone to learn responsibility and flying! Remember these things can damage planes. (yes they go that high) Fly away from people as blades are super fast and sharp!

The dreaded flyaway!! For a number of different reasons sometimes a drone will just flyaway on its own accord, Be sure to calibrate your drone every time you fly to ensure accurate GPS to limit the risk of a crazy flyaway drone. I have to admit the calibration process is not the best, you look like a wally walking around in circles with your drone but it is important that you do it.

My last tip for you guys is have patience, your not going to be producing Casey Neistat videos straight out the gate! (unless you have money to keep buying new drones.) practice makes perfect and reduces the risk of crashing.

So to conclude this little drone review, would i prefer a DJI Mavick pro or Phantom 4 pro? Of course as I would! But for a first time drone flyer the phantom 3 standard is perfect for a novice and anyone looking to create some amazing cinema photography without breaking the bank. DJI cameras are amazing quality and although there are cheaper drones out there nothing compares to the quality. (Not a paid endorsement!)

If you have a product you would like me to review feel free to get in touch with me.

I hope this unbiased review has helped give you a little insight! Please follow for more reviews and blogs

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