Flying a DJI Flamewheel F550 equipped with the Excipio Net Gun, we take on the challenge to capture another drone in mid-air!! …and then we try it with the FT Kraken!

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The “DGI Phantoomh” that Peter is flying in this episode is the “UP Air UPair-Chase 5.8G FPV” Quadcopter

Other videos referenced in this video:
Rotor DR1 Movie:

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Net Drone Footage:



  1. I love the concept of catching drones but faster planes could be used for the same malicious purposes and to aim this net off a plane i think you would need the control of having a rudder and designated ailerons

  2. This is horrible, another way for the government to take our property and money, I went to a park, a 9 year old, decently skilled at rc was flying his phantom over a park with me and my bro, since we are teenagers I wasn't concerned at all, but I'm short and so is my bro, a cop pulls up and gives the kid a ticket threatening to shoot his drone because he "almost hit a child) I'm fucking 13) this cop was a dick and was jumping to conclusions, to make it worse he kid started crying

  3. not to mention by the time you get to the scene launch your bird and get a good Target on me my batteries will have died I'll be "returning to home" and driving 🙂

  4. not a effing chance, only with the element of surprise will this bs work. 90% of pilots will walk away from this crap. you will NEVER catch a racing drone or inspire 1/2 or most phantoms.

  5. My idea for dog fighting quad-copters. The inspiration for this idea is the video game War Thunder. This would be a video game like experience in a real environment. The camera view would be the most important aspect because situational awareness in a dogfight is paramount.

    Racing quad copters should be scaled up a bit to be fitted with multiple off set tail cameras that encircle the craft. A pivot ability in each cam to give full free look with cam software coordinated to interlace coverage with no overlap and smooth transition from one came to another.

    Second to that the next significant development would be enabling munitions and an aiming system. Mouse aim and keyboard flight controls anyone? Also safety, recoil, projectile considerations… (the net is a great idea)

    Augmented reality technology would actually enable a HUD allowing for game play and live information about teammate, enemy and objective status. Sensors on the aircraft would allow for graphical display option of a damage model.

    Alternative setup would be to have two cameras (properly spaced for stereoscopic vision) mounted on a turret that is controlled by head tracking software. Also the ability to ID a target and focus the camera. This idea could be coupled with the above multi-camera / tail hover free look system but would be highly complex requiring advanced hardware development, but it is not impossible.

  6. why not apply some kind if irritant to the net like some kind of thorny net that way it will force the target to trash around and get tangled more. stops him from running to

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