Going to the big game? Have fun, cheer on your team, and keep it a no drone zone. Don’t spoil the game, leave your drone at home. #NoDroneZone


  1. I understand not flying a drone over crowds of people but the big issue is not being able to fly in national parks. If I want to fly my multirotor over the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone and take pictures, then that's my GOD GIVEN RIGHT… MERICA!By the way I own a Phantom please don't hate me.

  2. FAA ….you are such a f**cking joke. punishing all hobbyists to be 'monitored and registered like 2nd class citizen Jews in Nazi Germany' just deal with education and enforcing the misuse of drones in aerdrome airspace . duh???? We ain't gonna register. good luck enforcing all of us. may the force be with you.

  3. Oh shit I saw this somewhere else and I thought it was a parody of those no phone areas. I didn't think it was real. That made it 100x funnier.

  4. HEY FAA! And make sure there are no commercial planes, helicopters or that damn Goodyear blimp there as well! They make me feel uncomfortable. 🙁

  5. Because something is going to happen, and they do not want it recorded with other cameras. Do you think that whole  "deflated" football shit was for nothing? It has meaning

  6. http://new.livestream.com/abeldanger/events/3754476   (1-26-2015 broadcast)
     Here is the scoop to this NO DRONE ZONE announcement. Thanks to Field McConnell and David Hawkins of ABEL DANGER who wasn't going to let another 'event' happen. After you check out these links come join us and support these men who work so hard getting the info out while exposing the corrupt treasonous evil murdering $^$#@  that are trying to <ruin > this country. Thanks~


  7. Google: [  Abel Danger Threat Window 150201 ] to see who/why NO DRONE ZONE announced.  Enjoy the game.  Seattle will be the only LEGION OF BOOM as any attempt by nefarious parties/BLACK HAND have been blocked.

  8. I'm going to send a drone with a robot claw that can catch the ball and carry it upfield faster than any receiver….. the Super Bowl is MINE

  9. It is amazing and embarrassing that there IS a segment of society in the USA that needs to be told NOT to disrupt an otherwise great day watching football. As the population increases, the number of these subhumans increases.  SAD !!!

  10. It should be common sense not to fly over something like that….
    disliking the video just like every one else in the RC hobby, but yes it is common sense and anyone who argues against that should not be flying..

  11.  I f I were President ? Anyone who brings a Drone To THE supper bowl? should Be Questioned Like a Muslim terrorist !   It is so punk stamping stupid , Vomiting over a barrell of booz! and to be dunked in it a thousand times? is = to Some one bringing a drone to the supper bowl ! how freaking stupid! and with the 9/11 and ebola to name a few things! what ? + Peeping in Windows of Women & Children!!!  we got no idea! the  insanity of all this !! In The Hands Of A Fool ? ! :" They Can Do More Damage" than A Car! like bombing courthouses !! and any place of peace, Schools, play grounds? Amo dumps? fuel companies, factories ! And To Think!:; You Need No Licence""!) Is Another Thousand times as stupid!!  BUT THE "LAZY GOVERNMENT WILL ALWAYS WAIT"?", FOR A GRATE DESTRUCTION !!@!! BEFORE IT DOSE  
    A N Y T H I N G!!!!!!!!!~!@#$%^&*}? WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT SO pRrImiTive RETARDED —– > IN THE FACE OF THE FACTS!!! oh? you should not talk like that? you say? more like this government should be ran more like a military ! As to one'S" responses! to the facts! but /? and dose: nothing !!  or dose 1or2 things in the face of thousands of things! { life Death Destruction Money} IT WOULD BE SAFER, IF: EVERY MAN BRANG HIS OR HER SHOTGUN TO THE SUPPER BOWL!!   AND THAT WAY IF SOME foOL FLIES HIS DRONE UP OVER? IT GETS BLOWN OUT OF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that way we can get back The Game! Back to Business!! O WELL GIVE THE CONTROLLER OVER TO A WOMEN IN A BURKA ?WE MAY BE LOOKING UP WHEN IT HAS BEEN PLANTED IN THE CROWD OR THE BUILDINGS TRUCKS PARCELS DELIVERIES? Remember some muslims bow and pray 110 times a day! with the full! desire! to kill us all! as they SCREAM  AlLAH AUKBA!   

  12. Lucky for me I don't fly drones. I fly radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, and multi-rotors. As well, I am an AMA member (#2992), meaning that I always fly my aircraft in accordance to the AMA Safety Code, so I NEVER have to worry about "No Drone Zones". Common sense, as well as the AMA Safety Code, both dictate that we do not fly our aircraft over people or private property. The jerks doing this stuff are killing the hobby (something I've been doing for 33 years now) for all of us.

  13. What a retarded video how is it spoiling the game what a f-ing moan LOL I'm taking my drone to the Superbowl and I can fly it anyway I want so F you.

  14. I'll leave my quad at home the moment people start leaving noisemakers and bodypaint at home. That or when there's actually legal incentive to do so. hashtagfreefuckingcountry

  15. In our age of warning labels, people have to be reminded of this stuff unfortunately. At the time of this posting, a drone crashed near the White House. It's becoming a problem.

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