When Droneos Manufacturing moved to Nogent-le-Rotrou, in the So&#39Work business incubator, Droneos Manufacturing preferred to create a instruction faculty devoted to the universe of the drone. A groundbreaking instrument in many fields.




Technologies. With its joystick, Aymeric Keller reminds just one of movie online games fanatic, by the way, – “it seems like that of the X-Box ” ]points out the young entrepreneur.

Magnificent visual result

Except that he has a extremely unique action: that of a drone pilot. Considering that April 2016, with Tiphaine Grammatico, director, he is the head of Droneos Manufacturing, a corporation specializing in aerial photography. “We carry out shots and movies for all persons or experts wishing to benefit their jobs beneath a new point of view, &#39&#39 &#39&#39 &#39&#39 &#39The visual result of the drones pictures is spectacular and brings out the worth of the [

Aymeric Keller and his drone

Advertising of the Olympic Online games of Paris 2024

Set up now in Nogent-le-Rotrou – “for two months in the nursery So Do the job enterprises” – the previous weapon of the two enthusiasts is none other than the promotion of the Online games Olympics 2024 in Paris.

“It was an remarkable knowledge. We had two times of flight on the 22nd and 23rd previous June. We had a partnership with Common “ [Editor&#39s observe: French multinational specialised in interaction, currently Vivendi].

[Online video : Envolez-vous avec la folie des drones à Nogent-le-Rotrou]

In all, extra than 4 hours of movies taken in the cash, to fly with their drone the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, Quai Sully … “The police adopted us in all places, remember . There had been enormous administrative constraints “.

Involving them, they type a complementary and powerful binomial. “There is no amateurism in the universe of the drone. Many think it is not that challenging “. Except that just one does not invent a pilot right away … “Many parameters and subtleties are to be taken into account to generate : wind, obstacles, velocity, holes d &#39air. We can not fly extra than 150 meters “.

The “joystick” – an “Ipod” is grafted to the movie return

Mamie-Mirage&#39s grandson

The machine is also registered as a light-weight aircraft. The DGAC (Civil Aviation Directorate) has established up a regulatory framework in 2012. “The flight options and administrative methods that signify 60 % of the function are extremely technological.”

With the joystick – “like a joystick” an IPod is grafted for the movie return. And at this video game, it is Tiphaine who manages. “Framing is extremely important for movies to be of excellent excellent” .

The popular motor capable of traveling.

You will recognize, the drone is not something to be taken frivolously. “I have normally been passionate about aeronautics, points out Aymeric Keller, thanks to my loved ones. era is Marie-Françoise Le Cornec, pilot of mirage and astronaut . It was in this milieu that I grew up “. His thing, is the programming facet of the flight machine” . It is “3 or 4 years back that I learned the globe of the experienced drone” .

Helpful in many fields

The simply click. The field of choices. “The drone is beneath-exploited. Men and women do not comprehend what we can do. Still it is the future. It is helpful in many fields of action “.

An case in point? “The geometrician. The universe of topography is completely upset by the use of the drone which can follow the evolution of a unique website “.

This will be just one of the objectives of the instruction faculty (see insert) that the modest corporation wants to established up in the nursery So&#39Work.

The implantation of Droneos Manufacturing in Nogent-le-Rotrou was not doable with no the assist of Sophie Marchou, head of So&#39Work (center) and Marc Simon, ideal

Thanks to the accompaniment of Marc Simon, who will help them “for commercial advancement. We arrived beneath the attraction of the undertaking with Sophie Marchou (So&#39Work supervisor). “

A bargain for Aymeric Keller and Tiphaine Grammatico – who have genuine ambitions on the lands of Nogent.

A instruction faculty in Nogent-le-Rotrou

In parallel to their action of using shots and aerial movies, Droneos and the incubator So Outlets established up a instruction faculty. A extra than ambitious undertaking. “We want to create a instruction faculty in Nogent-le-Rotrou,” points out Aymeric Keller, head of Droneos Manufacturing. With some introductory or experienced modules. “
From two times to 3 months,” we have the vital space right here to welcome them, “points out Marc Simon
” Some farmers are already fascinated, “says Simon. Other professions will be equally profitable. “
We can even uncover professions like gendarmes, firefighters. An additional situation: “drones can be used for the regulate of thermal properties.”

Practice: To speak to the drone instruction faculty: 06.fifty one.62.42.39 or five. So Do the job, 19 and 21 rue de Rhone in Nogent-le-Rotrou.

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