Music: Return Of The Heroes by Patryk Scelina

Aerial video of some of Dubai’s iconic land marks. This city is full of modern architectural marvels.

Dubai is an example of what human determination can achieve, and everything is possible. Not long ago all locations you see in this aerial film were nothing more then a lifeless desert.

The vision of Rulers of Dubai has turned it into a highly desirable city to live in. No other city in the world is as safe and as economically prospering as Dubai.


  1. Great video! May I know what video editing software did you use? Do you need to adjust color afterwards or just cut & join the videos with background? What lens did you use? Many thanks

  2. Fantastic footage, I'm curious as to what the rules are for drone flying in the city, are there any restriction zones? I am planning to bring my Phantom 4 to Dubai in a few weeks.

  3. Greetings!

    Can I use your clip for our company's video? We will make sure to give credits to you.

    Keep it up!

    Thank you very much!

  4. Amazing video!!
    In november i will stay in dubai and i want fly with
    my phantom 3. Is there a law ? do you had a problem with during the
    fly? (with police or people o sicurity… ) thanks a lot.

  5. HI Nero very nice video ! If you don't mind also check my channel – Aerial 4k Videos 🙂 thanks …. i subscribed to your channel !

  6. Hello my name is Kristian Saavedra, I live in Chile, I travel to Dubai in March and I intend to take my Drone to do some records of my vacations, you know if there is problem to enter the drone to Dubai and in which places I can fly? I will get a Drone DJI MAVIC PRO. Thank you very much

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