** I am looking for some explanation of the whale behaviors in this video for educational purposes. If you are a whale researcher or scientist, please contact me.

Get a birds eye view of some interesting whale behaviors off the coast of Maui. This was filmed on February 23 2014 off the coast of Maui near Kihei. If you are a whale researcher or scientist and would like to study my whale footage or work with me to help with your research efforts, please head to http://DroneAbove.com and contact me.

Extra special thanks to Marty, Ian, and Janet for taking us out. As usual, Marty performed the most incredible drone catches while Ian helped spot whales while wearing his own set of fatshark video goggles. We all hope you enjoy our video, it was filmed with much aloha!

This trip was also extra special to me because my 3 year old son got to go snorkeling for the first time while on this boat ride and a turtle swam right up to us and he got to see it underwater! We love the ocean and it is great seeing my kids get excited about it.


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