Having bought into the original Reaper Bones kickstarter and they up up to kickstarter number four, and I am playing DnD again I figure it’s high time I started getting these painted.

A bunch of rats! A quick bunch to paint but suspiciously an odd number, so I seem to have lost one along the way.

A couple more shots with better light. These guys were quick and easy with a simple scheme of brown.

I think the missing rat is one of these cheeky inquisitive types sitting on its hind legs. So if he turns up I may got for a black one to make him the leader of the (rat) pack.

On to drones! I found our very late in the peace that the SHO convention was running Gates of Antares and you may recall last October I’d pledged to paint this guy along with a drop squad. Needless to say it didn’t happen. However when I found out An Antares event was happening I just had to get this guy out for it.

Really happy with how this came out. The lenses are great and I got the glow effects just right for a change. While I had colour schemes planned for my infantry, I hadn’t really thought too much about drones. Initially buddy drones were just going to match their unit, and Drone Squads would just be support so they would all be green.

However, I wanted this drone to stand apart as he is a different unit. I also thought that the subverter matrix it’s armed with is a bit covert and Black Ops like, so I went with black for something different. This of course calls into question future drones, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I’ve also painted up a couple of buddy drones with black markings as shield drones, but I was way too busy frantically preparing to have taken any shots for this post. Look for a tourney review or checkout my twitter feed as by the time you’re reading this, my SHO experience will have come & gone.


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