Aerial Combat Design & Engineering

On this Episode, Marque Cornblatt and the team create and test a working paintball drone from kits and spare parts. Can this DIY UAV locate and score hits on a target? That’s what we’re here to find out.


  1. Does anybody have any info on the camera and goggles they used? How did they stream the camera to the goggles? Where would I get something like this?

  2. Great video…Next I want to see a video of you guys playing a paint ball game with two teams, one team gets "close air support" and calls in an airstrike 🙂

  3. This human test was invalid, a real paintballer would be ducking into cover and returning fire. Your man was just running in a straight line. I wouldn't use a drone in a real paint ball game because you would need at least 2 players watching your backs while the goggles are on. That is two less teammates actually covering ground. Plus two men to one marker is incredible inefficient. You would need a way for the pilot to be in control of the drone and the marker to make this effective in a game.

  4. The next step is camera/gun stabilization and even a bit of aiming for the firing apparatus. Once that is n it will be pretty much unstopable.

  5. Love it!!!! needs to be single person though… botton on rc controller mod, and or head tracking module? Awesome! cheers:-)

  6. this would be dope is the paintball league allowed one drone on a team that is operated by 2 people and they cant go anywhere or have any weapons just be protected by their teammates and they can kill the other team with the done

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