Bebop Drone $320:
Josh and Dave head to AUVSI 2014 to check out this unreleased drone. We will be sure to give a full review once it hits the market so make sure to subscribe to see it the second it comes out!

Check out the first AR Drone:

Check out the AR Drone 2.0:

For more Flite Test:


  1. Thanks for the review , however I read that Bebop 1 has significant lag to fly FPV is that true and if so is there any mod that can reduce the lag ?

  2. where is the full review? by now they have come out with the Bebop 2! No review on that either. i would like to see that pretty please.

  3. hey guys you should try and build your own smart quadcopter whith alt hold, gps hold ,follow me mode, Home mode, fpv and recording( a bit like a phantom 4 or Inspire 1) with long range! that would be really cool. as u have seen alot and made a few why dont u make one that i like Phantom or DJI Inspire 1 (well smart like that anyway). This would make your chanel even better 🙂

  4. These Parrot Bebop drones are a lot of fun, and small. I first got a Bebop 2 in January of 2016. I liked that one so much that I got a Bebop 1 drone like these to abuse. I've let friends fly it and it's been crashed a lot. I really don't fly the Bebop 2 much since the Bebop 1 is my go to drone. You can waste a lot of money on a huge expensive drone, or you can get a used Bebop for under $200.
    You can fly them with a cell phone and a Flight Plan, another $20
    but gives you the ability to choreograph the smooth moves to video what you want to look at without any flying skill.

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