The Parrot Bebop is an ambitious drone with serious flaws. Constructed with an unreliable build and a weak battery life, the Bebop’s biggest problem is the most basic one a drone can have: you can’t control it.


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  1. This is just a terrible product review, not a terrible product. I watched this review before buying a Bebop drone but I have had the same drone for over two years now and only had one minor repair. Basically the reviewer in this video purchased an expensive drone and flew it recklessly until he crashed it. With all due respect, companies such as Parrot can't design absolute idiot-proof products. If you fly a drone over water or close to concrete, aren't you asking for trouble? Watch my channel for some better examples.

  2. had this drone for 2 weeks using my BlackBerry dtek 60 I can get over 300 metres with it. every time I loose connection it comes right back to where it took off. using a r pro 3 app. make sure you read instructions and go through all the settings before flying, never had a crash once or lost it. the flight plan is unreal, just put in the way points with altitude and speed settings and it can fly mega far on its own using the built in gps. just make sure u loop it back close to where you started from and at a low altitude to regain control after its auto pilot flight. for £200 it's more than enough for me and no control pad just my phone. excellent drone when set up correctly.

  3. I just realized that the bebop does not record audio, but when you crashed it you can hear it clearly crash like you are next to it, but you are not. :/

  4. That was an amazing video! You said all the things that I was saying about my drone. Unfortunately, I watched this video after I was flying my drone and there was a motor failure while it was flying very fast and it came down still travelling really fast and crashed into the ground. One of the propellor holders snapped off and the battery came flying out of the drone almost hitting a cyclist. We took it back to Argos and without a fuss, they exchanged it for another drone.

  5. Iv had a few drones in my time and I came across a parrot bebop 1 for a fair price , only issues I have had is flying at night probably not the best of ideas ! its like it struggles to keep on gps point after a slight mod i soon qured that problem (easy fix) .apart from that the range off my iPhone 6s is rather good , you need to make sure it's set in 2.4ghz then you will get more distance but the fpv video quality won't be as good .but because the storage is built in on the parrot bebop you still get the same 1080p quality when you transfer your videos and photos to your device , remember your inviroment will make a big difference on range and conetivity ! .in the uk where I'm from you can pick a brand new bebop 1 up for £200 , and I think it's a lot of bang for the buck !

  6. the only reason your drone inst working is because your in bad areas and your controlling it in a way that's damaging it use it in some where like a field with a decent phone (android) and wheres there's no interrupting WiFi signals.

  7. This is the only review out there saying this kind of thing. That tells me that you have a defective drone and very little experience with product reviews. Do you honestly think a drone that costs $499 and has an extended range of 1.2 miles would actually be released with such massive problems? Parrot is a reputable company, and I trust their products, and the other 3 dozen reviews on this drone out there, before I trust your crappy intutition

  8. i have it, its a great drone! also with upgrade battery you get around 20 min flight time and with the flight plan app you can fly over 10 kilometers away without problem, i would say this guy just dosen't know anything about drones.

  9. this review is BS. I have one BB and first never got disconnected not even at 200 metres away just with my iphone nevermind a skycontroller! next the battery. yes it does not last long but I plan my flights accordingly. and it has two batteries out of the box instead of one as most drones. the new BB2 only has one but lasts twice. unreliable bild? right after so many crashes what do you expect??? try charshing a phantom so many time just to see how the gimbal stands… right… I now use mine with a madcatz CTRLi game controller and it's perfect!

  10. Serious and very important question. When reviewing a product like this, do they ever like…contact customer support and get a replacement before finishing the review? Seems like they got a defective unit and reviewed it the way it was anyway

  11. I really wanted this drone and seeing this review made me want to cry but I have watched other reviews and it's not as bad as he said but I'm still not 100% confident. Can I trust this review?

  12. this is the worst review I have one and it's perfect this guy dosent no what he's doing I get exactly a mile while flying

  13. Why all the negative reviews he gave. Didn't he get a free drone from Parrot to make this video or what?? I have been using Bebop for quite sometime and never had such as problems.

  14. Thanks for saving me make a $400 mistake! I planned on flying it over water, huge cliffs, and over wooded areas (who wouldn't).

  15. Great review. Thank you! You helped me make my decision and … I just received my bebop! I have a question: I travel a lot. Far, long and … lightweight(!). I always take just one medium sized bag/case. The bebop seems too big to bring along on my travels. It also seems too fragile. How do other people do this? Do you bring an extra bag?

  16. Just saying this here, most of these problems have been adressed whit software updates, i have only about 2h of airtime but it has never flown away from me. the best thing to ensure this is to get an wifi analyzer app and set your wifi channel accordingly.

  17. If you want a reliable drone by DJI, it is as simple as that. There are also many new image stabilized drones on the market right now that are cheaper and more reliable then bebop.

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