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Shot by professionals in a private and closed airport location. Flying drones near airports is strictly prohibited.


  1. Might have been helpful if you told us how long the "update" should take? I know it varies, but I followed the direction explicitly and it's been an hour… My tablet still says "Update in progress"… still nothing… Just sitting here staring at it. I know the battery in the drone is gonna die eventually, which goes against what your instructions say about removing the battery during update. But I'm gonna have to. Nothing is happening. I hope I haven't wasted $500.

  2. please put in bold the correct propeller position,its my first drone and I didn't see on direction or in this video about cross direction, please for new customers let it easier

  3. con u help me my drone crash.and the baterx fly away .
    i can start my drone. i can find he on the computer with mini usb.
    but in the wifi settings on my smartphone there isn't my drone can sb help me pls. 🙁

  4. +Parrot I'm connected to the wifi of the drone and I try to update my firmware but it always say connect to internet. Please respond as soon as possible

  5. When i try to update the drone i am still connected to the drone's wifi and it says not connected to wifi HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You sold me a broken drone through The female connector for the battery inside the drone is stuck off to the left as viewed from the entry port; so, I cannot seat the charged battery. Also, there is a looped, black string coming out of the battery port. I don't know what that it. I know why the female connector is pushed to one side — your packer left the opaque cover on the male battery terminal and this knocked the whole mechanism out of whack. You will fix this for me.

  7. Please how to I make my tablet have better feed no lag so I can actually enjoy looking st my iPad rather then staring into the aky

  8. My new bebop crashed apparently for no reason, do this 3 times and have to returned it. .. please check my video and comment if possible. software was updated, 3 way calibration done, batteries full charged etc. if you take a look on my video just before it flips to the left and to the ground the video look li loosing signal.

    help please, i really like to buy this and the sky controller when available but first experience freak me out.

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