CNET’s Donald Bell shows off Parrot’s compact, tablet-controlled Bebop Drone and uses a pair of virtual-reality goggles to see from a drone’s point of view.


  1. Thanks for the review , however I read that Bebop 1 has significant lag to fly FPV is that true and if so is there any mod that can reduce the lag ?

  2. This is total crap as Parrot2 – I quess it even have brushed motors LOL?:)) Get yourself a normal quad with a normal remote:)

  3. Could they have picked a more noob guy to review this?  He is super uninformed about drones/quads.  Get someone that actually knows something about quads to review your product.. seems like a crappy knock off of a phantom and cheap looking too.  Also, a proprietary battery pack is a bad idea.  

  4. I looked long and hard at the BeBop, DJI FC40 and settled on the Blade 350 QX3.
    I owned a AR2 and concluded its no bargain.
    The camera on the BeBop is a joke.
    It uses a 180 degree fisheye (non-moving) lens which uses a portion of the lens depending on where you are looking.
    So, none of the pictures would be printable say 11×14.
    No good.
    Just like the AR2.

  5. what happens if you break the camera or scratch the lens  ?? or want to upgrade the camera, being small & light is good if you live somewhere with no wind. also i wish you didn't use the term DRONE,why the tri props less power ?? wait does this use wifi ? whats the range? interference lvls etc & did he say it will turn its props of if it detects it hit something ?? wow so a slight hit on a tree branch or an insect & it switches of all the props so no chance of recovery then ?? also it looks fugly imo !

  6. Ive completely given up on the Be-Bop! I dont think its EVER going to really come onto the market in the USA! Its just bullshit hype !

  7. Parrot are Park Flyers Phantom are full on RC Quadcraft. There is the difference. I have a Parrot 2.0 that flies in my Garden, so great fun. Its almost unbreakable, there is the other difference. Also the Parrot drones look and act really cool close up. Almost insect like.  Function follows form and form follows Function. Two totally different epic solutions.

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