Thanks to a technologies designed for flight simulation, the Mambo FPV drone lets the pilot equipped with glasses to uncover himself virtually in the cockpit . Assured sensations, supplied the coronary heart is very well hung.


Parrot would like to make rhyme mini-drone and maxi-sensations. With Mambo, the producer invitations the pilot to uncover himself in the cockpit, at minimum virtually, many thanks to glasses. The Parrot Cockpitglasses two FPV and the Pilot Joystick supply new sensations. The notion is to use the every day setting to build a put of evolution, see a circuit, with obstructions. To allow for this conversation concerning the drone and its pilot, the Mambo embeds an FPV camera, a technologies supposed for simulation of flight. Cockpitglasses, like lots of virtual reality helmets, can be employed with a smartphone. The complete (drone, joystick “Parrot Flypad” and Cockpitglasses two) is marketed 179 euros.

Parrot has as a result taken the challenge of an available positioning, even if it continues to be an expensive toy. The Frenchman had to revisit his technique immediately after being severely heckled by the Chinese competitiveness. With the Mambo, it normally takes a little lead by being the initial major producer to marketplace a drone / joystick / virtual reality headset. However, dimension of the drone obliges, Parrot did not resolve the principal defect of its mini-drones: the autonomy. it is only 10 minutes, which leaves a relatively small taking part in time. As our colleagues from the American web page TechCrunch have summed it up really very well: “The Parrot Mambo is an adorable little critter that will uncover its put on lots of Xmas lists this calendar year.”


With this design, Parrot can hope to return to the front of the marketplace of drones mainstream. However, the foreseeable future of the producer is now performed a lot more on the qualified marketplace l, with dedicated offers. Air Aid offers a range of solutions: web page checking, complex inspection of engineering buildings, complex surveys, and thermal inspection to enhance thermal renovation function.

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