Watch US F-18 fighter jets releasing a swarm of Perdix micro-UAV swarm during a Naval Air Systems Command’s demonstration held at China Lake, California. Measured at just six inches, the micro drones are capable of confusing enemy defenses and blocking radar signals. The drones are not pre-programmed synchronized individuals, but a collective organism, sharing one distributed brain for decision-making and adapting to each other like swarms in nature. Consisted of 103 Perdix micro drones, this is the largest-ever test for the cutting-edge swarm technology.

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  1. Это возможно и наводит ужас , как в тайге перед москитами и комарами ( кучей и загрызть могут) , но одна установка "Хибины" на вертолёте рядом (или самолёте, или на земле ) или ещё какая установка РЭБ и — "дураку покажешь грош — и делай с ним , что хош …", хоть в одну ТОЧКУ собирай , хоть устраивай незапланированную встречу с Землёй – Матушкой …)))

  2. how does drones get activeted after droping/realising from Jet?

    can anyone suggest any ides to do the same?. i am doing same project need help.

  3. USA rocks! I am very appreciative to All of our armed forces ,and sleep well knowing we have men and women out there defending us,and this great Nation.

  4. The first wave of drones were controlled by someone hundreds of kilometers away. The second wave of drones will be controlled by AI.

  5. This looks like a new application of old EW techniques.

    Chaff, or shredded bits of metal ejected at speed/altitude serves to create a scattered RADAR reflection. This scattered reflection makes it very difficult to target a specific aircraft with anti-air measures or to pinpoint its location when scrambling pilots.

    At least part of the purpose with these little guys seems to be to create a large number of "false positive" targets on the enemy radar. Judging from how the drones moved once organized, probably to sweep over an area while other aerospace missions are performed within that now "cluttered" envelope.

    Very clever, but perhaps a bit more costly than shredded aluminum foil in a pneumatic launcher.

  6. lmafo all the russians drunk narcos and iran are pissing they sorry little diks as sh1t…ahh they alrady did that years go,LoL.

  7. These things are pretty impressive engineering. You can do some dope shit with a $600 billion dollar budget. I just wish we put that money back into our own countries infrastructure instead of more weapons. I feel like the US is just flexin on the rest of the world at this point.

  8. Now they just need to add in teeth, any type of it (laser, poisoned grip, stings, grinder or spider mandible) to commence the zerg rush.


  9. Wow, with all those drones full of cameras, they can probably create full 3D views in real time of an area. That shit is ridiculous!

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