Very well, here is something you never hear about each working day. According to authorities, a twenty five-year old U.S. citizen has been charged with smuggling more than thirteen kilos of methamphetamine into the United States throughout the Mexican border—via a drone. 

According to NBC News, Rivera discussed to authorities that he’s utilized drones to transport prescription drugs as many as 6 moments considering the fact that March of 2017, typically providing the contraband to an accomplice ready at a San Diego gas station. Reportedly, the try ensuing in Rivera’s arrest would have introduced him a mere $1,000 in gain. 

How did Rivera get caught? Seemingly, Border Patrol brokers observed a drone fly as a result of the San Diego skies on August 8th, then tracked it to Rivera, who was all-around 2,000 yards taken off from the Mexican border. According to authorities, the brokers situated the drone’s proprietor with a lunchbox filled with meth and a two-foot drone stashed in a bush. 

Contemplate the reality that thirteen kilos are much more prescription drugs than we have formerly witnessed currently being smuggled via drone, the Drug Enforcement Company (DEA) say that this manner of transport could grow to be an genuine concern of theirs. Up until now, these activities have involved minimal amounts of contraband, and been dismissed as largely insignificant, as recently as their most recent yearly report advised. According to NBC News, the performing U.S. attorney for the Southern District of California, Alana Robinson, promises that the “Border Patrol is quite informed of the prospective and are constantly listening and hunting for drones.” 

Now, we have reported on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as a variety of cargo transport in all forms of community forums, which includes the illegal act of drug smuggling into federal prisons. This time, nevertheless, the sheer volume of prescription drugs currently being moved by Jorge Edwin Rivera and this UAV is not just noteworthy for currently being illegal, but for currently being much greater than prior attempts. (At minimum, kinds that we know about.)

We’ll be certain to retain you current on Rivera’s circumstance as it evolves. He’s presently currently being held without having bail and is scheduled for arraignment on September seventh. 

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