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  1. Casey – know you are a fan of the DJI drones, but you should know what happens to ordinary people. I use my Phantom 4 on my farm. It was working perfectly before I upgraded. Then it stopped. I called DJI and followed instructions perfectly. Then they said to send it in. Now they said it needs $280 in repairs before I can get it back. Non of which has to do with the firmware upgrade. What a load of crap these guys are.

  2. This drone has a range of about one mile out and about 1,000 feet high. It has about 15 to 20 minutes flight time the camera is 4K , It has self take off. Follow me. Home and it very east to fly out of the box, even for someone that had never used a drone before. be safe and don't be an ass with your Drone.Respect goes a long way

  3. Que responsabilidad civil tiene este muchacho al hacer volar un objeto contundente sobre las cabezas de la gente ? Debe registrarse antes de sacar el dron a la calle en caso que sea necesario identificarlo para que responda de un eventual daño ?

  4. Hi Casey,
    Have you brought your drone to other countries? Did u have a problem at customs. Im planning to bring it to china. Any suggestions?

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