Phonedrone allows your to give your phone the power of flight!
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  1. Still in "pre-order" stage, two years after this video was posted. Current selfie drones are much smaller, smarter, and way more capable of shooting good video.

  2. How exactly do you connect the two phones, like bluetooth ? wifi ? Do you think I can fly my iphone with a Mac or iPad ?

  3. I am a masonry contractor and this would be useful for quick looks at chimneys and other hard to see spots. especially to show the customers right on the job. I see a lot of responses saying you can use automate flight and you don't need two phones. my question is does it come with a controller? it seems that the only way I can benefit from it is if i can fly it to specific spots.

  4. I understand cost….but im not risking my phone like that. So it flys away "some always do" And you loose your quad and phone. no.

  5. I'd like to see video captured by the phone drone please rather than from a second camera taking footage of the phone drone flying. Where can I see such?

  6. I hope I am not missing something but are you telling me I need two phones to operate this? I am also presuming that its only going to work with certain phones, which in this case will cost £400 upwards so why buy this when I can spend the same money on a Phantom?

  7. I have a question:

    The drone advertised on youtube and the drone they have in the store are not the same

    The youtube has the retractable helices and not Store

    I'm in right?

  8. I am confused.
    Do you need 2 phones, and why would I ever put my phone on a drone. Also i don't get why the lady had blue things on her shoes. What's it got to do with the drone lol.

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