Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit Chernobyl whilst working for CBS News on a ’60 Minutes’ episode which aired on Nov. 23, 2014. Bob Simon is the correspondent. Michael Gavshon and David Levine, producers.

For the full story cbsnews.com/news/chernobyl-the-catastrophe-that-never-ended/

Chernobyl is one of the most interesting and dangerous places I’ve been. The nuclear disaster, which happened in 1986; the year after I was born, had an effect on so many people, including my family when we lived in Italy. The nuclear dust clouds swept westward towards us. The Italian police went round and threw away all the local produce and my mother rushed out to purchase as much tinned milk as possible to feed me, her infant son.

It caused so much distress hundreds of miles away, so I can’t imagine how terrifying it would have been for the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens who were forced to evacuate.

During my stay, I met so many amazing people, one of whom was my guide Yevgen, also known as a ‘Stalker’. We spent the week together exploring Chernobyl and the nearby abandoned city of Pripyat. There was something serene, yet highly disturbing about this place. Time has stood still and there are memories of past happenings floating around us.

Armed with a camera and a dosimeter geiger counter I explored…

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Shot using DJI Phantom 2 GoPro3+ and Canon 7D


  1. this video turned me on to drones. i just got the mavic pro! and hope to make a video like this someday soon (not of pripyat but you know something inspiring and cool!)

  2. This may sound like I'm a total asshole,but I'll miss this old Chernobyl and Prypiat as a ghost town,when it become an habitable city again…the city which once was a ghost town and had the worst nuclear disaster in history.

    I said I would sound like a total asshole 😛

  3. Единственный город в Украине, который не коснется декомунезация. Черный юмор. Вообще печальное зрелище, столько судеб…

  4. judging by the videos and pictures ive seen about pripyat before the accident, it appears to have been a really nice city to live in. Its sad to see all this infrastructure decay and reclaimed by nature.

  5. When I see this from Pripyat I can't help thinking about the first days after the accident. All those people going on with their every day life and at the same time getting exposed to idiotic high levels of radiation without even being aware of the danger. Can't imagine all the suffering this must have caused them later in life..

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