U.S Predator Drone Missile Strike Video in Iraq UAV. A couple insurgents are targeted and killed by hellfire missile. You can see they have an RPG in the seconds before impact on Missile Camera.


  1. Sometimes its good to post videos like this, so that you can see who are all the horrid people who enjoy seeing people perish and suffer, and to see who are the ones who will help humanity overcome its hate fueled ways.( i'm talking about the people who are commenting btw)

  2. drone, not missile cam. prob. armed drone with explosives, simply flew it to target…boom. scary new kind of warfare. zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZt boom. all you ever hear.

  3. LOOK AT THESE PUSSY SOLDIERS. they cant fight for shit instead they sit in a fucking machine and press buttons. THEY END UP KILLING FUCKLOADS OF CIVILIANS and people support them for doing that.

  4. America has to be stopped! They cannot go around killing people like this. And the people they are killing are not terrorists, those peoples only crime is that they are Arab.

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