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My name is Michelle or some like to call me Meesh, Meech, or Big Meech. I have decided to start this blog in hopes of one day turning my blog into a book. As the site is titled “How To Retire At 30,” this definitely isn’t a sure fire way to go, but hopefully a place to begin. My intent to write this blog turned book is to share my journey with readers at any age in life who want to forego the traditional path to “success.” The only catch is my path isn’t written yet but I am certain that I will be successful in this life. This is the first step. It is to fully believe in yourself and have faith that everything you want is on its way. You’ll understand there is no right or wrong way to live your life but only one way to live it. It is up to you to create a life you want and to define success in your own terms.

“This is the first step. It is to fully believe in yourself and have faith that everything you want is on its way.”

I quit my restaurant management position almost two months ago. It is has truly been the best decision that I have ever made thus far. I recently turned 29 and I am gladly apart of that generation we love to call the “millennials.” Society has brought a bad connotation to the term but in this day in age, the way I see it, we have to accept and embrace this generation for it is the generation we are living in and the basis of our future. I surely contribute to a good percentage of every statistic related to our generation but I’m not going to let a simple statistic define how I live my life.

A recent issue I keep stumbling upon are articles about the discontent of Americans in their current workplace and the stress it brings upon in our daily lives. It is an issue that I believe isn’t too far fetched because I lived it first hand, but thankfully I discovered this issue earlier than most people do or ever will. Sure, I still live at home with my parents and still in piles of student loan debt but I am finally happier than I have ever been and my health is no longer at stake. 

I have spent the past two months throwing myself online and reading different books in hopes of finding inspiration to forge a new path for myself. I quickly got myself out of the depression I was in when I was working and found all the positives of leaving my job. Although I still hadn’t found anything I wanted to sink my teeth into just yet, I knew that I would be fine in whatever route I decided to take.

Two months down and I am ready to retire with both my parents. I realized that the past year of working 80 hour work weeks and having no free time, allowed me to save up a pretty penny to tag along with my parents on their trip to Europe and a ticket on a Mediterranean cruise. Okay..well my mom offered to pay for the flight, so I had to take it! Not every parent is that generous…thankfully mine are. I am so grateful for them.

I recently became highly interested in the drone industry after watching the Drone Racing League (DRL) championship on ESPN. Wow, people get paid money to race a drone?! I want to do that! I quickly bought my first mini-quad and dove right in. It isn’t a cheap hobby so I spent days doing extensive research on the right one to buy and reading about everything that really goes into it. It isn’t simple but with the drone industry on the rise, I figure I can turn this hobby into one that brings in some cash flow. As my primary interest is drone racing, there are so many more outlets to all drone enthusiasts.

So I have invested a good amount of my savings to this industry and definitely a ton of time on research but I am very excited to start using drones to give the world a sneak peak into my life and my journey to retiring at 30. And when I say retire, that means working for only myself and loving what I do at the same damn time. 

The vision of myself 10 years from now hasn’t been this clear. I see myself only growing from here and the tunnel of never ending success in the horizon. So I hope you can trust me just as much as I trust myself that you follow me on my journey to happiness and success. And more importantly, that you too have ability to create a life you always dreamed of having. You have to start somewhere and hopefully it is here with me. So I leave you with my favorite quote.

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and, if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald


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