Drones are used for various tasks in many countries. Easy to control and ability to transmit video live feed to receivers are main advantages of using drones. Drones are also used to get information about hostile areas which humans can’t reach. Volcanic mountains and battlefields are some examples. If drone have a power to model surrounding by capturing and reproduce it using 3D technology it will be a great equipment to analyze such hostile areas.

Project Peregrine is focused on capturing stereo video through its dual cameras mounted at bottom and recreate 3D model of selected area. Drone will take a input from a mobile device prior to flying. Although it can be controlled manually, we are trying to implement auto pilot system that will capture required video streams from correct angles to recreate 3D model. After completion of taking video we can take it from drone and use Image processing to recreate 3D model of required area.

For Image processing we use OpenCv open source library and custom made libraries of C++. We use C++ for this project because of 2 reasons. First one is C++ is a fast language than Python language. Second is OpenCv is mainly written using C++. Main challenges of this project are reducing noise when recording video from drone. Noise is generated by motors of drone and we need to place all flight controllers at ideal location for minimum interruptions. We are planning to create drone from scratch. That means we are not simply assembling a drone parts that are available to buy. We plan to 3D print all required parts. That will be a challenge too. I hope to update you guys more with our progress soon with some images.

Other Project members – Aruna Jayasena & Sachin Kahawala


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