On the event of the Nantes Digital 7 days, a staff from the CHU of Nantes gave a demonstration of a drone ordered by the brain.

 The Nantes Teaching Hospital team demonstrated a thought-driven drone at the Nantes Digital Week
Aurélien is concentrated, this engineer wears on his head a bonnet d &#39 wherever there are a great deal of wires connected to a computer.This is about fifteen electrodes put at the back again of his skull on strategic locations of the brain. In entrance of him, the drone is in the air and On a screen in entrance of him appears a dial with arrows, it focuses on the indirect one particular, the one particular that points to the bottom left, and following a couple of seconds, the drone moves in this route route.

The computer has connected the action of a precise social gathering

This technique, admittedly spectacular, continues to be imprecise and gradual. It does not swap the joystick to push the drone. In point, it is a demonstration designed by the CHU of Nantes in collaboration with the Central school to increase recognition among the the basic general public. In the upcoming, a paralyzed man or woman can purchase objects (these kinds of as a wheelchair or a property treatment robotic) by specifically implanting the electrodes in the brain. Quite a few experiments have currently been carried out

In the United States, a quadriplegic woman succeeded in buying an arm, not his, but that of a robotic to try to eat a tablet of chocolate. But the technique can only be implanted for shorter experiments, below penalty of infections.

In the meantime, Vincent Roualdes, a neurosurgeon CHU de Nantes, wishes to use these thought-management tactics in the context of rehabilitation following strokes or amputations. Rehabilitation is normally not quite effective for stroke, and amputees undergo from ghost ache that is quite difficult to address.

Practically five hundred men and women globally have currently participated in this new kind of rehabilitation only in the context of clinical trials

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