Pyeongchang, a tiny ski resort in a remote corner of South Korea, has transformed itself into the host of the largest-ever Winter Olympics. Here’s how the Games look from a drone’s perspective.

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  1. I am south korean and i think i'm 100% ordinary but i really loathe North pig. They are totally enemy. unfortunately, Current president of south korea seems to be pro-North Korean. He is ruining strong ally with U.S. It concerns me so much. North regime is now taking advantage of his stupidness. What a dickhead our president is

  2. According to Reuters, These drones are all CG.
    Southkorea is FAKE country.
    Cholera, Norovirus, Influenza are spread in this area now.
    And no toilets no heater no audience… hahaha

  3. The Norwegian team brought therapeutic steroids to the Olympics games, Americans brought therapeutic opiates, and Canadians – therapeutic anabolics. And only Russians brought false doping samples in scratched test tubes with them to replace them.
    WADA opened the Acropolis and canceled the results of the first Olympics. Gold medal awarded to the winner of the competition, if do not mind the American side.
    Rotten games!!!

  4. I am praying for the success of this events,,,,,,all delegates around the world accompanied by their respective administrative staff,all players and participants and most the visitors,,,,God bless you all,may peace and love be in your heart.Thanx to South Corea for hosting this 2018 Wintebr Olympics.

  5. South Korea and North Korea once is one country but because of a certain country has been splited and become enemy, which is a world war barrels. And Korea and Japan people why so no will? Although they surface independently, but is still a state of tributary the same, no dignity. Remember read news, Japanese girl is evil kill, crime people actually not guilty! There Korea Secretary of defense in order to receive a foreign missions, running to meet. All this made me feel degrading country dignity. I think each country are equal, should equal Exchange.

  6. very skeptic…weird view of such celebratory and historic event…It seems people are much divided in this world not seeing what the Olympic truly means…HARMONY AND PEACE.

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