We took a break from CES 2017 and headed to the desert just outside the restricted airspace for Las Vegas to try out the “Ferrari of drones,” UVify’s Draco. Subscribe:

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  1. Ok some conclusions for all the Noobs here knowing nothing about race drones.
    -This Drone has no HD Camera on it.
    -This Drone got a lot of weight
    – Soldering your own Drone is always the way to go if you want to personalize your experience and get the best result.
    If you want to compete you gotta solder your own.

  2. I wish they made a drone with a mic and speaker so you can fly over to someone and confront and hear their reasoning for them being on your property without going face to face.

  3. 2.3 min in and still just repeating the same "This drone is hard to fly" bs, ffs this is a 1 minute video in earnest

  4. It's funny watching people who only have experience in self stabilisation gps drones like the phantom come and try to fly a real drone like that mini quad and be all like yea I have a ton of experience in flying drones I know what I'm doing and then completely fail at flying a race drone.

  5. This is probably the worst attempt at "journalism" on the industry I've ever seen. All the information is inaccurate and the guy knows nothing about what he's covering.

  6. This vid is so stupid..
    Buy a soldering iron.. buy the parts..
    Get betaflight fw 3.1 and learn.
    If you crash just repair it.
    Dont let the RTF market rip you of.
    Doubt these drones ever will fly better than DIY drones.

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