How did the thriving city, the banks of the Biblical Euphrates River, become the capital of the most violent state in modern history?

From the start of the uprising against the Assad regime, look at this trajectory of the city … When you talk about Al-Aqqar, people think about the Islamic State … But life in the city must now start over …

2011: Assad anti-regime demonstrations spread across Syria.
Citizens of Raqqa join the country and manifest

2011-2013: The city is known as “hotel revolution” because dozens of revolutionary people from other cities migrate there

2013: Rebels to the government (FSA) demolish statue of the father of Assad and declare Raqqa like the first free city of Syria

At the same time, ISIS members with black flags start
to gather in the nearby town of Slouk.

Believe me, at the beginning there were only about 15 people!

However, 90% of those who fought for the “liberation” of the city migrated to ISIS. They begin kidnapping and killing FSA leaders

2013: May to December ISIS was fortifying and importing weapons and soldiers from Iraq.

Persecution of Christians begins, buildings are taken for thirst. ISIS advertises on the Internet and receives dozens of foreigners for its army (these are treated well, although there is poverty in the city, the city becomes a “Second New York” of Germans, Belgians, Australians, French … ISIS)

Jan / 2014: ISIS has absolute control of the city. It is declared the “caliphate” of ISIS.

The first crucifixion happened in early spring. Then came more: two people, head shots by ISIS soldiers, crucified and left for days for all to witness on the main avenue of the city traffic.

This information is from the RBSS group, a group of independent journalists who persisted in publicizing and propagating Raqqa’s actions and situations, even on the ISIS domain …

Several of them were tortured and killed by ISIS.

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