How many drones does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two. And about 9 lightbulbs.

Meet Sven the drone-pilot over at his channel, here:


  1. They said, "you can´t make a electric car that drives hundreds of miles", but Tesla did!
    They said, "you can´t make a rocket land on it´s own, after it brought a satellite to orbit" , but SpaceX did.
    They said, "You can´t make a drone replace a light bulb" but you did!!!
    Real entrepreneurship my friend!!!
    Now, drone, make me a Sandwich. I´m too lazy to get up 😉

  2. "That's impossible even for a computer…""I used to do bulb changes with my quadcopter back home and the fixture's a lot smaller than two meters."

  3. They should write a program and put sensors on it to automatically do this without controllers. so there would be 0 crash or mistakes.

  4. Maybe put a thin mattress/fabric underneath first. That way, if the drone dropped the bulb, it won't… you know, breaks.

  5. First put something soft on the floor, then have a lie down but before all that stand on a small chair or step ladder and change the bulb by hand, way faster….and less expensive and possibly more interesting to watch.

  6. I hope those bulbs don't have mercury otherwise this guy is gonna pay a huge cost since 9 bulbs can release too much of toxic mercury vapors.

  7. He can figure out how to use a drone to change a bulb, but putting a blanket or pillow below the socket to save those falling bulbs is the real science conundrum…

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