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  1. Love biscuits and sausage gravy. My favorite is from Jimmy's Egg, Country Eggs Benedict. A biscuit split open, a sausage patty on each, a fried egg on each, covered with cream gravy and topped with grated cheddar cheese. Enough for two people. Try to limit ourselves to once or twice a year.

  2. Love you guys from Shreveport Louisiana. Been selling fireworks at our stand the last week. Today 07/04/17 is the last day . missed you guys..

  3. Glad to see the drone is out of the tree. I've heard of biscuit world, never been there. How was the biscuits and gravy?

  4. My family runs a Tudors Biscuit World!! We were so excited to hear you mention it! Great food, great prices! I hope you enjoyed it!

  5. So cute and funny seeing girl talk in the presence of a very relaxed and lovely cow. She looked quite delighted to be included as just one of the girls. Amanda's daughter (and animals) are a credit to her, a reflection of what a lovely and genuine person Amanda appears to be. As friends, Mary and Amanda seem well matched. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation. Hugs.

  6. Bah! Don't use Priceline. All of those travel websites are terrible. They make you think you're getting a good deal but typically the rates are the same as what the hotel is offering. I've worked in hotels for several years and they are the worst to deal with. Use it as a guide and then call the hotel directly. Usually they will work with you about pricing.

  7. a good idea about a feeding tube they need to make it waterproof just like the phones and everything else nowadays you can buy

  8. make sure the cow is okay cuz it seems to be laying down a lot and I heard cows shouldn't be laying down very much it'll hurt its legs

  9. Amanda looks SO familiar! I keep thinking I know her from somewhere. Has she been to Arkansas, Texas, or Georgia? Come to Georgia, Frey Life! We will treat you right! 😀

  10. BISCUIT WORLD! My husband and I just stopped there on a road trip last week. I got a breakfast sandwich, it was delish!

  11. Emma you are sooooo cute and sweet. We share the same name because my name is Emma also. Was that Oliver's trainer?

  12. Is it R.I.P for drone? or can it be fixed… I'm so glad you were able to get it down before leaving. Good job Mr tree climber.

  13. Tudors biscuits are the best. The rich brown sausage gravy is much better than the tasteless white stuff. lol they're servings are also generous. We share a "small" portion and you must try their apple biscuit! It tastes like apple pie! It's huge too and we share it also. Great food reasonably priced! I hope you like it!

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