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  1. I know you made this video a while ago, but I recently picked one up and I noticed the controls for the drone were rather sluggish, is that normal for the drone or am I missing an important update or (lack of a good device) to control it?

  2. Hi, do you actually need internet connection to control it? How does it connect your phone to the drone? Thanks

  3. Hi, do you actually need internet connection to control it? How does it conncet your phone to the drone? Thanks

  4. What battery upgrade can I buy and how many mins will that give me? Secondly with a wifi extender how far can this drone fly

  5. Seems to me like a "lifestyle" kind of company like Bose, who also don't make very good products (anymore). I don't like the Parrot Zik headphones, they do too many things not well, and way too expensive. But the durability of this drone appeals to me in the price range. Still, I can't easy ascertain what the top speed of this is, and other specs. The Whirlwind drone looks like a much better performance machine for even cheaper (forget model now).

  6. This thing is terrible. I have 2 of them and they both have the same problems. Wifi cuts in and out. Box say 160 foot range but looses signal just crossing my yard. Not very stable drifts around everywhere. The gyro controls are cool and all but it really isn't that great. I mean it's fly able but just almost not fly able either. This is after having 2 2.0 ar drones

  7. Did a lil trading for some junk and ended up with one of these thats new in the box. Really appreciate the time u took to make this review, was very helpful bud.

  8. Well done review. Thisclose to purchasing same. Concerned about some of the negatives of this item though. (Such as lagtime of video)

  9. My parrot ar drone 2.0 elite edition is brand new and i have already problems with it when i put it on and start flying me wifi signal keeps going up and down i cant fly like this do u know how to fix this?

  10. Soldier, great delivery. My wife got one for Christmas and we're looking forward to flying it. Anything in particular I need to know when shopping for a battery on ebay?

  11. I got my ar drone for free brand new from parrot some guy scammed me on ebay and sent a malfunctioned drone so ebay let me keep it for free so I got a warranty refund with Parrot and they sent me a new one. Kids that is how u get a drone for free

  12. ar drone looks cheap af after you;ve seen the phantom drones, even the first generation drone which is a few hundred more now..

  13. hey guys, I'm pretty new to drones but i was just wondering what is the smallest drone that has a camera that you can control from your phone. like live stream to ur phone when your flying it

  14. Do you need Wi-Fi?…or will it just receive from the phone signal using the app?…and how much approx.?…Cheers

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