In a galaxy far, far away the Sith acolyte Darth Tacticus is sent with a small contingent to start a slaver camp on the planet Ryloth – home of the Twi’leks.
Darth Tacticus’ brother, Mangle Fett, a Bounty Hunter provides the fire support. Emma ‘Brains’ Platicus is a mathematician is the chief researcher and potential love interest. Bonzo is there to build and mine.

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  1. That computer core is the hardest part to get a hold off to build the spaceship to get off the planet and win the game.

  2. Someone mentioned it in the last video, but the reason you didn't get a Thrumbo horn is because the horn was destroyed while killing it. At about 23:07, you can see on the health tab that the horn was destroyed. The condition of the horn body part affects the sale price, and having the horn destroyed means you missed out on some fat stacks of silver.

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