I have extremely fond memories of Salcombe and these memories mostly revolve around family walks, getting the ferry across to the beach, the sweet shop visits and the ice creams that we all enjoyed.

My best friends dad owned a surfing shop that introduced me to the sweet smell of Sex Wax that everytime hits my nostrils brings the fond memories back of various good times.

We used to take the boat out and explore the water throughout the summer and many years later I explored those waters on my own boat, and whilst listening to forty licks on that mp3 player that nobody has ever heard of I put my boat in the direction of Totnes and off i went.

My point is that Salcombe is special. To me the memories I have are great, BUT maybe those memories will never be as good or re-lived by anyone else. Salcombe is still a great place in its new way, but it’s not the boating shoe silly men wear whilst out at the weekend but a new breed of “London Money” to quote my Mum.

London Money has taken over the way people operate and want to earn the monthly pay packet. Beaches exist alongside signs with rules and shops hang neat simplistic notices of rules that block half the tourists ability to enter.

The real annoying part of this is that i observed several opportunities to capture a great image with a drone and felt i could not proceed, i visited several beaches that were empty but still had the various rules that included “NO DRONES” on the plastic notice cable tied to the scaffold type barrier. What bullocks i thought, the place is empty.

I witnessed a young lad launching the DJI phantom from the middle of Salcombe and I and many others looked up in curiosity, nobody asked the pilot what he was doing. He flew responsibly and he landed after a few minutes with all the spectators returning to their exploration…

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