At the Salon Drones in Toulouse, the engineering group Scalian (previously Eurogiciel) unveiled its new “Extended eye” method. This drone linked by a cable to a decide-up or a boat generates a much larger volume of data than an isolated ground method. The link with a 60 meter electric powered wire improves the autonomy of the drone which flies more than four several hours in a row. The unit can be rapidly deployed at the monitoring website or for an infrastructure inspection these types of as an industrial website, an airport or a hydraulic dam since the runway is on the intervention motor vehicle. The wired backlink will allow speedier permissions to be obtained. The data are despatched to the motor vehicle by using the cable by using the line carrier or by radio. The wired backlink ensures sign excellent and the truck sends data to the cloud or remote displays, with a 4G backlink.

Duplicated for services businesses

The novelty lies in the truth that the method is automated and modular “, clarifies Jean-Frédéric Réal, from Scalian. The pilot only sets the flight altitude and orientation of the cameras, then the drone will take off and follows the truck alone. It can accomplish various scientific or monitoring missions, dependent on the sensors. The group acquired this unit by acquiring, in July, the Toulon organization B.onX, which supplied the communication method and the rotating sail drone. Getting its subsidiary devoted to autonomous devices, Scalian B.onX, has examined it for the monitoring of hydraulic dams and flood zones, as properly as for a CNES scientific mission. “ D
&#39here 3 to six months, it will be duplicated for services businesses with tailored sensors ,&#39 says Jean-Frédéric Réal.

Creation date: 1991

Innovation Director:

Jean-Frédéric Réal

Turnover :

150 million euros in 2016

Staff: 2,five hundred individuals

Sector: engineering

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