China’s Ehang has developed a prototype of a fully autonomous drone to fly humans.


  1. Where will you take off and land with exposed blades?
    Very safe

    Also I hope it gives an error if you can't land somewhere.. or go too far and it lands and you can't recharge batteries..

  2. One person? 200k – 300k? Two parking lot spaces? Lol this definitely isn't an efficient form of transportation nor will it be in the future…look at a simple mechanical bicycle, fits one person, cost a few hundred or less, uses little space

  3. no insurance for crash landing that piece of shit. like how the reporter has alot of yes mam answers and dude wont admit there are two/three people at the company. dude is shady

  4. "What is this monstrosity behind me?"

    I mont sure where did he see the monstrosity. Its so elegant.

    P.S:I would prefer to be flying it.

  5. Like some stupid asshole on the ground not going to throw anything at you. What about Power Lines, New Constructions? I remember going through Roads and the GPS didn't' know what the Hell it was, it was telling us the wrong way. LMFAO

  6. I would never never ever EVER get in that thing. Plus the Flyboard guy has got them all beat. It's only a matter of time before he makes that work for more than one person like he has done so far.

  7. The serious guestion is not just only" is it safe?",and how far,how long it can fly?30 munutes?not good enough !the battery is a problem,it's already good ,but not good enough.

  8. This thing will sell for sure. A heli for $300k…absolutely. The idea of collision avoidance from some central location is different to say the list. Not sure that will work too well. One of the beauties of flying is being free in the air. But who knows. Those props look pretty dangerous. Why not have them above the cockpit I wonder.

  9. Airline executives and the FAA are already in the planning process to make airline pilots obsolete within the next 10 years, especially for long Int'l flights. There are literally 4+ people (half a million in total salaries) just sleeping or sitting up there for hours on end doing what automation could very easily do. Takeoff, cruise, landing are already fully automated. Airlines save money, compete at much lower costs, and since 90% of accidents are caused by pilot error, it would be safer.

  10. In my opinion this release to the public is way to premature. They need to continue innovating and get safety up to snuff and flight time to a reasonable distance and be able to carry us fat Americans with maybe another 150lbs to boot. This right now is a rich mans toy. Not practical. I do applaud them though.

  11. So basically they are selling us a motorcycle that will only get you 23 minutes of riding time. You can't haul much if anything depending on your body weight. No doubt these are expensive so it may be you sole means of transport. I live 100 miles away from 3 major cities and It won't get me to ANY OF THEM.

  12. Could this be easily stolen when left unattended? One style I saw on Youtube said it had roller balls instead of skids so to me it could be pushed away from where you left it.

  13. 23 minutes flight time is not good. He was tapping that screen for multiple stops and I doubt a 23 minute flight time would be enough air-time for all that.

  14. I guess as you get closer to your destination, you'd need to re-select again where exactly you want to land the craft. That map was way to large to select a parking lot or whatever to land in.

  15. Still not understanding why the propellers are not above the cabin structure…looks too easy to get sawed in half walking near the drone…

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